#HIVnoise is a Positive Life NSW social media campaign which aims to bring people (HIV positive, HIV negative and HIV unknown) together to raise awareness about HIV. It’s time to speak up, break the silence and start some noise about HIV!

#HIVnoise was born out of a brainstorm within Peer 2 Peer, a Positive Life social inclusion project for PLHIV men who have sex with men.

Anyone can participate in #HIVnoise whether you’re HIV negative, HIV positive or HIV unknown.

To be part of this exciting initiative
• add the #HIVnoise hashtag to your social media posts that raise awareness of HIV
• portray people in your work in a respectful, positive and empowered light
• make sure that people in your creation, whether video, art, play, music, photos etc, have given you permission to include them

Today, people living with HIV (PLHIV) live long, healthy lives with effective treatment which can be as simple as one pill a day. 25% of the general public in Australia say they would behave negatively towards a person living with HIV (CSRH, 2017). HIV stigma and discrimination comes out of silence, fear, and ignorance about HIV.

#HIVnoise aims to raise awareness of the changing face of HIV and challenge this stigma and discrimination towards PLHIV.

Join in and get involved by using #HIVnoise, share your posts, stories, blogs, art, videos, poetry, plays, music, photos, etc, anything that makes some noise about HIV!

The best of the work will be presented and awarded at the Positive Life NSW World AIDS Day Event on the 1 December. Awards will be given for those creating the biggest noise about HIV! Click here to read the guidelines.

Like our Facebook page or follow our Twitter or join in on Instagram. Bookmark the #HIVnoise website and let your friends know about the campaign.

If you need more information or want to talk to someone about your project, call Positive Life on (02) 9206 2177 or 1800 245 677 (freecall).

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